The Five Kingdoms is an ongoing fantasy story about survivors of a catastrophic plague.

The author–that’s me, Zachary Tringali–is a writer working hard at getting published in the “traditional” publishing market. When I’m not writing books to send out to that market, I’m going to be here writing this. It’s a for-fun project, a break for my mind to get away from worrying about what I’m really working on.

So here’s the deal: I’m writing this and updating it as I go. At some point or another there’ll be mistakes–typos, goofy sentences–things you don’t see as often in finished products. Because you’ll be seeing this “live” as I write it. As time goes on, I’ll go back and edit it and smooth everything out. I’ll try to tag them as I go (episodes tagged “draft 0” are freshly written, whereas “draft 5” have been revised a lot) just so you get an idea and know if something has been altered.

I won’t alter anything big or structural. That means if I goof up at some point, and say kill someone I realize I don’t want to be dead later on, I’m going to have to live with it.

I think it’ll be fun (which isn’t something you can always say about stories about the plague), and I hope you do, too.